4/4 Marches

Medley #1 - Grade 3

MSR - Grade 3 March Set - Grade 5
Dawning of the Day

Pay the Piper - march

Arthur Bignold Greenwood Side
Mrs. Flora Duncan Murdo MacKenzie - jig Cabar Feidh Atholl and Breadalbaine Gathering
Garden of Skye Jimmy Ward's Jig - jig Loch Carron - 6 parts Earl of Mansfield
Lord Lovett's Lament Dreams of Ol Pa Fogerty - slow air    
Cabar Feidh Susan McLeod - strathspey Slow Airs Hornpipes
Andrew Warnock The Piper's Paid - reel (part 1) Sky Welcome From Maui to Kona
Scotland the Brave Asleep at the Wheel - reel Waters of Kylesku Hamilton's Nut Sack
Blue Bells of Scotland The Piper's Paid - reel (pt 2 & 3) Amazing Grace  
Wings     3/4 Marches
Silver Threads Among The Gold Medley #2 - Grade 3 6/8 Marches Lochanside
God Bless America Currently Under Construction Mrs. Lily Christy Magersfontein
Marine Corp Hymn   Kenmure Pipe Band Leaving Arisaig
    Sgt. Barclay The Recruits
9/8 Marches   Dornoch Highland Gathering Green Hills of Tyrol
PM Thomas Hall     Loch Maree
The Festival March   Slow/Reels Set  
    Evans Lullaby  
Quick March Set   Alick C McGregor  
The Mouse Hunt   Highland Laddie  
The Royal Scots Polka   DM John Seton